Tony Alan Bates is known for his anointed singing, songwriting, and preaching. But perhaps Tony is most known for being the guy with no fingers who can flat wear out a piano!

Tony was born with stubs for fingers and after praying for the gift to play the piano, 7 days later God gave him the gift to play. Tony can play anything that he hears, and he plays it well.

Tony was born with his feet and legs turned in the opposite direction of his upper body and the doctors told his mother that he would be confined to a wheel chair all of his life. Tony's mother took him to church and had him dedicated to God after he was released from the hospital. Long story short, Tony has never spent one day in a wheel chair and he walks as normal as anyone.

Audiences of every denomination, size, and age are blown away as they witness Tony playing, singing, and sharing his testimonies of God's goodness in his life.

If your event is centered around the supernatural power of God look no further than Tony Alan Bates.

Tony is an Ordained Minister through Abba's House by Dr. Ron Phillips in Hixson, TN. 
He has made appearances on TBN, Daystar, and The Church Channel. He has also ministered in conferences with John Hagee, Perry Stone, Rod Parsley, Rabbi Curt Landry, Randy Caldwell, Dr. Ron Phillips, and others.

**Tony serves as Sr. Pastor at Abba's House at My Church in Woodstock, VA and is in the pulpit on most Sunday mornings. Select Sunday morning dates are available and is on a first come first served basis. Sunday evenings, revivals, and concerts dates are available otherwise. Call us today to check available dates not listed on the website.